2015 - 2016

2015 - 2016

AB 26, Medical Marijuana Regulations

Enacts the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Control Act and would create the Division of Medical Cannabis Regulation and Enforcement within the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

AB 167, I Poker

Establishes a framework for the authorization and regulation of internet poker (iPoker) within the state of California.

AB 224, Foster Youth Notice of Bill of Rights

Requires the State Department of Education, in consultation with the California Foster Youth Education Task Force, to develop a standardized notice of the education rights of foster children, and to post the notice on its Internet Web site.

AB 256, Electronic Evidence Protection

Amends Penal Code Section 141 to specify that “any physical matter” includes digital images and video recordings.

AB 267, Mandate Disclosure of Rights Given Up Before Plea Deal

Requires the court, when the defendant first appears for arraignment on a felony charge, to inform the defendant that accepting a plea and a felony conviction results in the loss of certain privileges.

AB 337, Teacher Tax Credit: Allows K-12 teachers, in their first three years of consecutive service at public and private schools, to claim individual tax credits for out of pocket expenses incurred for the purchase of instructional materials and classroom supplies. Eligible teachers can receive a credit for up to $250 of any unreimbursed expenses.

AB 324, Allow Felons to Serve on Juries

Eliminate the blanket exclusion of people with felony convictions from jury service by reinstating their civil right to jury eligibility and service.

AB 351, Small Business Procurement

Requires all state entities receiving public funding to establish and achieve a 25% small business participation rate for state procurement contracts.

AB 396, Ban the Box for Housing

Adds people with criminal records as a protected class to Government Code Section 12955 and prohibits using a criminal record as a basis upon which housing decisions occurs.

AB 529, Armed Prohibited Persons System

Restricts the renewal of a driver’s license or vehicle registration for anyone on the Prohibited Armed Persons file (PC 30000-30015) that has failed to surrender their weapon(s) as required by law.

AB 610, Child Support Arrears

Clarifies that the suspension of child support order occurs by operation of law for those who are incarcerated and give’s LCSA’s administrative authority indefinitely to modify arrears for incarcerated Obligors to zero.

AB 672, Services for Wrongfully Convicted Persons

Provides reentry assistance for persons that have been wrongfully convicted and subsequently released from state prison

AB 696, Probable Cause Determination Hearings

Requires prompt probable cause determination hearings for out of custody misdemeanants.

AB 708, Labeling of Cleaning Products

Requires ingredient disclosure on both product labels and Internet Web sites for most kinds of cleaning products sold to consumers and businesses.

AB 769, State Employee Discipline

Streamlines the process for investigating employees accused of wrongdoing to ensure it is conducted as efficiently and timely as possible.

AB 926, Earned Compliance Credits and Re-Entry Services Fund, Creates an earned compliance credit program that provides eligible parolees with the opportunity to reduce their period of parole supervision upon compliance with their parole conditions. Savings from the reduced parole supervision shall be reinvested into job training and housing support for state parolees to reduce recidivism.

AB 1012, Empty Class Periods/Jefferson High School

Prohibits school districts from assigning any pupil to a course period without educational content and create a system for providing technical assistance and support for districts that are relying on such courses.

AB 1203, Disaster Response Initiative

Establishes the Disaster Response Fund within the State Treasury to fund disaster and emergency response activities of the Office of Emergency Services.

AB 1301, Pre-Clearance Voting Rights Act

Establishes a preclearance process for proposed voting related laws, regulations, and policies.