2021-22 Legislative Package


  • Raises the minimum standards for all new peace officer to be either 25 years of age or hold a bachelor’s degree.

AB 94 – Correctional Officer Mental Health

  • Requires all corrections officers to receive annual mental health evaluations and be provided with information on additional resources they can voluntarily access.

AB 254 – Contraband Prevention Act

  • Requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to screen every person, including employees, and their personal property prior to entering state correctional facilities.

AB 295 – Free College Pilot

  • Develops a working group consisting of representatives from higher education institutional boards to provide free college to California residents.

AB 331 – Organized Retail Theft

  • Extends the sunset for both the crime of organized retail theft and the operation of the CHP property crimes task force.

AB 371 – Scooter bill

  • Ensures pedestrians are afforded liability coverage if they are injured by a shared mobility device, such as an electronic scooter or bike (collectively e-devices), whether in use or parked inappropriately and requires the addition of braille and tactile signage with raised characters for those who are visually impaired.

AB 483 – Museum Officers

  • Provides peace officers status to California Science Center Museum security officers.

AB 599 – Williams Act

  • Updates Williams list eligibility under the Education Code by replacing references to the outdated Academic Performance Index (API) with the current accountability measures used under the Local Control Funding Formula.

AB 750 – Police Reporting Cleanup

  • This bill closes a loophole to ensure peace officers who make a false statement to a report-writing officer will be held accountable for filing a false police report.

AB 858 – Hospital Algorithms

  • Allows healthcare workers to override a hospital’s algorithm if it is in the best interest of the patient and within their scope of practice, as well as creates worker protections from employer retaliation for requesting such an override.

AB 1042 – Nursing Home Accountability

  • Permits the Department of Public Health to seek payments from related parties (companies under common ownership or control providing services to a facility) when the facility fails to pay a penalty in full and all appeals have been exhausted.

AB 1093 – Notaries

  • Allows notary publics registered in California to provide remote online notarizations for consumers.

AB 1241 – Ban the Box Housing Act

  • Prohibits a landlord from conducting a criminal background check during the initial review of housing applicants.

AB 1275 – ABC Admin Testimonies

  • Improves accountability of businesses that sell alcohol to minors by aligning the testimonial standards between Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control administrative hearings and criminal proceedings for the same offense so that hearings can proceed without the minor present.

AB 1347 – Bail Premiums

  • Eliminates the bail industry’s practice of charging consumers excessive premiums through “renewal fees” and allows consumers to collect damages for any violation.