Bill Allows for Realignment Expungements Heads to Governor to Jerry Brown

(Sacramento) Yesterday, after a month long summer recess, the legislature reconvened and passed AB 1115 off the Senate Floor and sent it to Governor Brown’s desk for his signature. AB 1115 will allow those convicted of a realignment offense prior to 2011 to apply for expungement relief.

Medida que Extiende las Protecciones para los Testigos Inmigrantes Camino a la Oficina del Gobernador

(Sacramento) En el día de hoy, después de un mes de receso de verano, la Legislatura se reunió y  envió el Proyecto de Ley AB 493 al despacho del gobernador Brown; que pide al gobernador por una extensión en las protecciones a los testigos y víctimas inmigrantes.  AB 493 prohíbe a las autoridades a detener a un testigo o víctima de un crimen solamente por un delito actual o por sospecha de una

Bill to Extend Protections for Immigrant Witnesses Heads to Governor’s Desk

(Sacramento) Today, after a month long summer break, the legislature convened and sent Assembly Bill 493 to Governor Brown’s desk; asking the Governor to extend protection to immigrant victims and witnesses.  AB 493 prohibits law enforcement from detaining a crime victim or witness solely for an actual or suspected immigration violation.

Dialysis Patient Safety Act Aims to Improve Patient Care and Staffing

With all the attention this year rightly focused on protecting the Affordable Care Act, we need to remember that the quality of patient care is also an important issue. For the 10,000 African-Americans in California who depend on the life-saving treatment of dialysis, quality can’t afford to be overlooked.

People with kidney failure need dialysis for the rest of their lives unless they can get a transplant, which means they must visit a dialysis clinic three days a week to have their blood emptied, cleaned and returned. 

Senate Public Safety Committee Supports Disarming Hate Crimes

(Sacramento) Today, Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Sr. (D-Los Angeles) presented AB 785 in the Senate Public Safety Committee and received unanimous support from the Senators to bar individuals convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun.