Covered California Enrollment

Healthcare Insurance Enrollment

Covered California is a place where you can compare and shop for private health insurance plans and get financial assistance to pay for health coverage if you qualify. NovCovered California ember 1 was the start of the open enrollment period - the yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan for 2018 – which ends on January 31.

Covered California makes it more affordable for Californians like you to get quality health insurance, including Medi-Cal, that can't be canceled or denied because of an existing illness or if you get sick.

This is the time to Enroll, Renew or Change plans for 2018.

Enroll: If you do not have health insurance through an employer, now is the time to enroll in a private plan through Covered California – you may qualify for financial assistance to help pay for health coverage.

Renew: If you want to keep your plan and your income has not changed, your plan will automatically be renewed. (You may want to stop by and check out new plans and prices that may work better for you and your family. Many consumers may be able to limit any premium increases or reduce their current payments by shopping around and switching to the lowest-cost plan in their same metal tier.)

Change: Your Plan: If you currently have a plan through Covered California and would like to select a new plan, now is the time. The only time you can change your health plan is during open enrollment or a qualifying special enrollment period.

For more information on how to enroll please visit the Covered California website at