AB 331 Signed by Governor

Asm. Reggie Jones-Sawyer sponsored legislation to extend sunset date of the crime of organized retail theft

Governor Gavin Newson called up Assembly member Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) as Newsom signed into law AB 331 to help the state apply resources to reduce crime and stop organized retail theft.

El asambleísta Jones-Sawyer insta a vacunarse

El jueves por la mañana docenas de personas esperaban en línea para hacerse la prueba del covid-19 o para recibir su vacuna en una clínica del sur de Los Ángeles.

Entre ellos estaba la señora Antonia Bernardo quien llegó con sus dos hijos, Eric y Stephanie Genaro para que se hicieran la prueba.

Organized Retail Crime Challenges

SAN FRANCISCO — A flurry of shoplifters in masks and hooded jackets sprinted from a downtown Neiman Marcus last week and into getaway cars with armfuls of designer handbags — a scene captured on video and raising fears that rings of thieves were hitting retail businesses.

The incident, which remains under investigation, was only the latest to give an impression of lawlessness running rampant in San Francisco's stores, where people have been caught on recordings openly swiping products seemingly without repercussion.

Hate Crimes Escalate

Anti-Asian hate crimes more than doubled in California in 2020, according to a report from the state attorney general, underscoring fears among Asian Americans about being targeted during the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, hate crimes reported to law enforcement rose 31% in the state last year, with attacks against Asians up by 107%, according to the report released Wednesday.

Fixing California's Prison Issues

Reacting to a CalMatters investigation, state lawmakers said they’re concerned about defendants’ long waits behind bars before trials and substantial backlogs in California’s courts. And they’re touting their bills as steps toward fixing the problem.

Public Safety Chair Talks Reforms

On this week's In Focus: SoCal, host Tanya McRae takes a closer look at how mass incarceration and the criminal justice system are affecting Black Americans, who make up 40% of the country's incarcerated population despite representing 13% of the general population.

California Police Officers Would Need to be 25 or have a bachelors degree under new proposal

Anyone who wants to be a police officer in California would have to get a bachelor’s degree or turn 25 before starting their careers under a proposed new law.

Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles, who planned to introduce the proposal Monday, said the change could help reduce the number of times police officers shoot or hurt people.

“These jobs are complex, they’re difficult, and we should not just hand them over to people who haven’t fully developed themselves,” said Jones-Sawyer, who is chairman of the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

Falsas denuncias de acoso que involucran minorías podrían ser consideradas como crimen de odio racial en California

En redes sociales se han hecho virales algunos videos de personas que llaman a la línea de emergencias 911 para reportar que son víctimas de supuestos ataques solo porque la persona a la que están señalando pertenece a alguna minoría étnica. Para evitar que esto siga sucediendo, se presentó un proyecto de ley que busca castigar a quienes hagan este tipo de acusaciones sin una justificación válida, el cual ya fue aprobado por la legislatura y falta la firma del gobernador Gavin Newsom.

Making false, racist 911 calls could soon be a crime

SACRAMENTO — Calling 911 to harass or otherwise violate the rights of a person based only on their race would be classified as a hate crime that could lead to jail time and a fine under a bill passed by California lawmakers on Monday.

The legislation comes amid a nationwide reckoning on systemic racism and following confrontations across the country in which primarily white people have made discriminatory emergency calls to the police when encountering people of color bird watching and barbecuing in a park, among other everyday activities.

Falsas Llmadas de emergencia

Un joven afroamericano en un supermercado descubrió a una joven de raza blanca cuando robaba artículos del establecimiento y decidió filmarla con su teléfono celular.

En respuesta, la joven llamó al número telefónico de emergencias 911 y denunció falsamente que estaba siendo atacada sexualmente en el supermercado por el joven afroamericano.