Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer Presents Resolution In Support of the United States Postal Service

For immediate release:

House Resolution 105 Urges Federal Government to Preserve the Sanctity of Our Democratic Process

SACRAMENTO, California – (August 27, 2020) – Assemblymember Reggie Jones- Sawyer (D- Huntington Park) introduced House Resolution 105 on the Assembly Floor to urge the federal government to preserve the operational capacity of the United States Postal Service and the integrity of our American democracy.

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The resolution is in direct response to the current situation involving controversial changes by the Trump Administration to postal service operations that have the potential to impact a voter’s ability to mail-in a ballot and be counted on election day.

Additionally, COVID-19, which has infected thousands of Californians, remains a concern as the November election approaches, leaving vote-by-mail a safe option to in-person voting.

“This decision was made with the health and welfare of the public in mind as our state fights to overcome COVID-19, which has hit the Latino and Black communities hardest; my own district is largely Latino, and I have been working tirelessly to protect them during this pandemic,” said Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer.

In the name of “cost reduction,” the Postal Service is being systematically crippled by an administration determined to disenfranchise voters whose communities have gone neglected under its care, added Jones-Sawyer.

The State of California has ample experience with mail-in ballots, with the introduction of absentee voting in the 1920s.

Californian voters have historically favored the option to vote by mail, and since 1979, the state has allowed any registered voter, regardless of status and circumstance, to vote remotely if they so choose.


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