Dr. King’s Legacy

For immediate release:

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech wherein Dr. King speaks to a nation embroiled in a seminal debate on the issue of race equality in America. His profound words of unison and fulfilling our nation’s promise of recognizing ‘All Men Are Created Equal’ is celebrated and echoed by new generations of freedom riders; working to end discrimination and ensuring a person’s character, rather than the color of their skin, is the ultimate determining factor of their being, as Dr. King dreamt.

Today, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King on his birthday and hope that one day we all can make real what he envisioned. We must strive to replenish the accounts of justice so that the debts of our nation’s racists past can be paid in full.

I would encourage everyone to do as Dr. King did 58 years ago and dream vividly in the hopes of a we can establish a more perfect union all can enjoy equally.