Statement On Recent Arrest Of Huntington Park City Staff

For immediate release:
  • Richard Garcia
  • 916-319-2059

Allegations of corruption and a self-serving political environment in Huntington Park have plagued the city for years.

Now city residents must content with the arrest of a financial administrator for data breach and ID theft in addition to the entire finance department being dismissed and escorted from city hall by police officers.

City leaders must be held accountable for the operations and actions of city departments. These new allegations are yet another failure by those in charge to properly oversee the business of the city and help build a more transparent work environment. The community of Huntington Park deserves representatives willing to take on corruption.

A thorough investigation must be launched to determine if these allegations are an isolated incident or if additional criminal activities have occurred or are occurring.

Huntington Park residents are hardworking individuals who are vibrant in culture. Their interests and concerns must be the city's priority.

I remain concerned over city staff and employees raising red flags about alleged pay-to-play politics and city contracts diverted to those with friendly connections to city hall.

I will continue to monitor this evolving investigation and may move to request a state investigation should it be deemed warranted.