Statement On The Shooting Near USC/Exposition Park

For immediate release:
  • Richard Garcia
  • 916-319-2059

A series of tragic shootings occurred near USC/Exposition Park by a lone gunman that ended with three individuals shot – two of whom died from their wounds. The gunman was chased and was eventually killed by police officers in a shoot out on the 91 freeway.

These senseless acts of gun violence remain a huge problem in our society. Many steps to control gun acquisition and curb heinous acts like mass shootings can be implemented.

Red flag laws, background checks, wait periods for medical clearance are all commonsense laws to stem the flow of lethal weapons to those intent on harming others or themselves.

In a recent report by USC, Los Angeles Police Department officers fielded 570 reports of shots fired in the first two months of 2021, up 88% from the 303 incidents during same time frame in 2020. A total of 267 people were hit by gunfire in January and February, a 141% increase from the 111 people wounded in the time frame in 2020.

I ask you to join me in praying for the families and friends of the two innocent individuals killed during this random shooting spree and hope you will join me in fighting for gun control policies that will work to end the pain and suffering gun violence inflicts on our communities.