California Assembly Chair Members Vow to Protect all Californian's From Discriminatory ICE Directive

Thursday, February 1, 2018

California Assembly Chair Members Vow to Protect all Californian’s from Discriminatory ICE Directive

(February 1, 2018)- Chairs of Assembly Public Safety, Judiciary and Budget Subcommittee 5 release the following statement on ICE Directive:

Yesterday (On January 31), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a formal directive on conducting enforcement actions inside courthouses.  The policy directs ICE enforcement on “specific, targeted aliens” with criminal convictions, gang members, nation security or public safety threats, and “aliens who have re-entered the country illegally after being removed.”   However, the policy also authorizes ICE enforcement on family members or friends under “special circumstances” and in non–criminal court proceedings (e.g. family court, small claims) upon supervisorial approval.

“ICE has taken alarming actions towards immigrants, with their directive to enforce immigration arrests inside federal, state and local courthouses,” said Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer Sr, Chair of Assembly Public Safety Committee “The foundation of our court system is to give individuals due process. Allowing ICE to intimidate witnesses, defendants, family members and others within our courtrooms is only going to result in a lack of participation in our judicial system. I will work diligently with my colleagues to continue to protect all our communities. We will not allow the federal government to intimidate the people of California.”

“The formal directive by ICE to make arrests in our courthouses stands contrary to California’s values. California is proud of its recent legislative efforts to create safe and secure communities for all of its families. This reckless decision by ICE will no doubt discourage individuals from accessing the judicial system that they are entitled to and denies Californians of their fundamental rights to due process.  Make no mistake: this federal action is dangerous and discriminatory.  I will work closely with my legislative colleagues in the coming days to ensure that Californians continue to feel safe and protected when they are pursuing justice,” said Assemblymember Mark Stone, Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  

“This action, made in the name of justice, will actually serve to impede justice,” Assemblymember Shirley Weber, Chair of Assembly Budget Subcommittee 5 said. “They say this is aimed at the worst of the worst, but they have no credibility because we’ve all seen the stories. We’ve seen people with no criminal record torn from their families and people who arrested who had legal right to be here. So people will avoid the courthouses because they will see it as a trap.”  

Statement on ICE Directive