We Must All Invest In Our At Promise Youth

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We Must All Invest In Our At Promise Youth 

(Sacramento - April 10, 2018) – This week the State Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation passed my Assembly Bill (AB) 2944 that would create the “Schools Not Prisons” contribution fund that would allow Californians to donate a portion of their state tax return to dismantle the school to prison pipeline, by funding programs and projects that create opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

“Alternatives to imprisoning our youth are community-bases services, diversion programs, individualized treatment, and prevention,” said Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer. “Shifting our resources and focus from punishment to prevention with youth development, mental health services and community centers will help address the alarming rates of youth incarceration in California.”

Studies by the National Criminal Justice Reference Services, shows youth can be held accountable without being incarcerated. Incarcerating youth is the most expensive, least effective and most harmful response.

“In some communities in California, it is more common to go to jail after high school than college,” said Michael Lynch from Improve Your Tomorrow. “AB 2944 will help prevent a school to prison pipeline by providing funding to organizations working to improve the outcomes for our most vulnerable youth.”

“Fixing this problem starts with a first step - each of us giving a small amount to fund projects that will lead our young children to emotional wellbeing, a sense of hope and promise, academic success, and hopefully, job training or college,” said Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer. “Every child should be promised the support to achieve a productive life.  AB 2944 is a step in that direction.”

AB 2944 is now headed to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations.