California Budget Includes Millions for Youth Reinvestment Fund

(Sacramento) - The California State Legislature has approved Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer’s (D–South Los Angeles) budget request to establish the Youth Reinvestment Fund. “For four years I have been fighting to create a fund to address the needs of our most vulnerable youth, especially our young men of color who are over represented in the juvenile justice system and experience early childhood trauma,” said Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer. “Today, with bi-partisan support, California said enough is enough, it’s time we stop locking up our children and start reinvesting in their future.” $37.3 million will be allocated from the 2018-2019 budget to help improve the outcomes of vulnerable youth populations.  Learn more in this Assembly Access video about how this money will save the state millions in the long run and save the lives of thousands of at-risk youths.